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We are always looking for volunteers to help with a variety of projects. A few volunteer opportunities are listed below. Please contact us about helping with any of the projects below or to see what other opportunities we have available.

(785) 632-3786


All paper artifacts are scanned to create a digital co. This allows us to search for them without having to handle the originals. Our extensive document collection is badly in need of scanning.


Once an artifact has been entered into our system, it needs to be verified to ensure all relating data is correct.


Do you like engaging with your community? We are searching for anyone interested in helping plan and execute fundraisers for the Historical Society.


Physical artifacts are all videoed to ensure there is a digital copy of the artifact in case of accidents. Most of our artifacts are still in need of being filmed.



The staff of the Museum always have several research projects going on. Help is always appreciated!


Display Creation

We always enjoy help with creating new and interesting window displays and exhibits for our community to enjoy.

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