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About the Old Museum

Museum at 2121 7th St.

The building that housed the Clay County Society and Museum started as the City Hospital in 1925 at the cost of $88,000.

The hospital served the community well and as it was released from service and it was renovated to be a nursing home. Again serving where there was a need. In 1975 the need ended and the nursing home closed.

By 1975 the Clay County Historical Society had outgrown its location with not only genealogy information but artifacts as well. There was a need for a new building and the old hospital seemed to fit the bill. Cathy Haney, the president of the board at the time, approached the hospital board at a meeting. When the meeting was over the Society had a new home.


In the 40 years that followed, more information and artifacts came to the Society so it was easier to be called a museum. However, over the years the wonderful three story building became too small for the collection. This led to the search for a new home for the artifacts of Clay County.

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