Pioneer Festival

Pioneer Oct.18-2014 007

Come on down to the Clay County Fairgrounds on Saturday and Sunday, October 17 and 18 for a great time at our Pioneer Festival and enjoy the festivities!

Hey kids, you can ride an authentic horse-drawn stagecoach, pet real live animals, and hear stories about how people lived in the past. We also have the Pioneer Kid's Craft Station, Dime Toss, and Corn Dive.


At the Craft Station you can color your own sheriff's badge, create a headband, create bead bracelets, make your own drum, and other crafts. For the younger kids at the Corn Dive you can dive into a corn field to find treasure. The dime toss is were you get to throw a dime and if it lands in a glass you win!

At the Fast Draw tent you can test yourself against your friends and see who is the fastest at drawing and shooting a gun (we don't use real bullets!). At Liz Zahm's tent you can make your own color rope.

Be entertained by music from bands, dulcimers (if you don't know what they are come find out!), and drums. Learn how to make brooms, rope, flutes, baskets, rugs, arrow heads. Watch buck skinning, flit knapping, and even see a live medicine show.

We have gunfighters, soldiers, American Indians, mountain men and women, and can can dancers. Listen to story-tellers talk about the Revolutionary and Civil War. Listen to mountain men, explorers, trappers, soldiers, and Abraham Lincoln tell you what it was like in the old days.