On the page below is our wish list of items the museum could use.

You can donate by clicking one of the donate buttons below or sending a check to us at:

518 Lincoln Ave. Clay Center KS, 67432

General Donations

$ -

This goes towards the cost of the museum to run as well as cost of the renovations.

2 Computers

$500 each

We need more work and research spaces and this will get us there!

Tape for Labeler


Things get lost ,we need to label things so that we can find them.

Kitchen Cabinets


A place to store our food and dinnerware

Blue-ray Dics


The best way to record video

10 Ballasts

$40 each

These allow our lights our lights to function

100 Lightbulbs

$10 each

It gets dark in here

Graphics Card


Our computer can't keep up with these graphics updates

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